Monkey Trap

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Legend has it that if you want to trap a monkey, you create a cage or box with a tiny slit just big enough for a monkey to fit it's hand through.  Inside the cage you place a banana. 

When a monkey comes along, it will put it's hand through the slit and grab hold of the banana.  The problem (for the monkey) is the slit is not wide enough for it to pull both it's hand and the banana out, effectively trapping it.  The monkey is so attached to the new treat it has discovered, it will not let it go no matter what danger it puts itself in.  Yes monkeys are that dumb!  :)

Humans of course do not become attached to things like that... or do we?  What are you attached to that you will hold on to at the expense of other things you value?  

Luke 17:33 - Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it


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